The presumptions attitude of how life “Should” be handled.

Dear Diary,

While people stick their finger up their own buttholes and tickle themselves, looking in the mirror and tell them how they’re so special unique, sometimes afterwards they then wave that finger under my nose and try and tell me that I’m not living life how I should be.

They’re not polite about it, they pretend they’re being polite when in reality they’re simply telling me I’m living my life wrong. This may be really vague, so let me be upfront about it.

Marriage and Children.

Often do I explain to people, calmly and with a nonjudgmental tone, that I have no interest in either. Accompanied with my calm explanation I often get the incredibly responses that I’m wrong about this. I’m told I will eventually change my fundamental position and philosophy once I meet the right person and swing into the romance that is marriage. After this I’m told I will eventually decide that I want to raise offspring of my own because it is the only thing that could ever bring me joy in this world. It’s explained to me that these things are inherent to people and that my position is that of either rebellious silliness or confusion. At least these are the implications of the “polite” conversation being had with me.

How fucking condescending are people that they do this? It’s one thing to have a hypothesis that these things are hardwired into our brain, I suppose I can respect this position, but to tell with utter confidence that I’m just wrong about about my own feelings and that once I realize this they’ll start going about life properly is quite another thing.

It’s utterly insane that people want to be unique but then turn around and try to enforce things about their life on everyone else. People who need this sort of comfort with their own decisions might ask themselves whether or not they’re really happy with the decisions they made. Do they really know why they want these things? Have they thought about it? Can they put into words why these things are so fundamentally important to them? If you’re a person that sticks your shitty finger into other peoples business I’m guessing that this type of inquiry is non-existent in your life.

If you have children and are happy, great. If you’re married and happy, great. I know a couple who love their children more than anything, except maybe each other. This is the fairy-tail that everyone loves, but it’s a reality for them. I respect them and have nothing but applause for their understanding of their own wants and needs and their realization of them. So, in short, I have no hate for people going about their lives this way. It’s not for me though.

It’s one thing to think someone is being immoral and bring it to the table of discussion, even if not polite to do so directly, but it’s quite another to bring to the table the idea that you think the fact that they aren’t married or having children is losing potential. It’d be equally as inappropriate for me to bring to the table that I think you’re so stupid for suggesting that, that all the atoms in your dumb body are wasted potential for the universe.  I however actually keep that kind of thing to myself. Or post it on my blog. Whatever.

So in the end, Marriage and Children are not things I want in my life. Anyone trying to argue that my feelings and wants aren’t what they are can lick my taint. Seriously, scrape any grossness off your tongue so you can get a full blast of flavor because it’ll be just as good as your shitty nonsense that you might just die from pleasure.