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Assuming the worst

Dear Diary,

I knew you couldn’t stay away from me, thanks for coming home. I wanted to say that all this time I didn’t assume you were trying to hurt me, that I thought it was possible but I tried to wait for some evidence for it before I really took faith in the idea….

It reminds me of something I saw recently. Someone on facebook posted the status “If you don’t walk DOWN an escalator, you’re just a lazy fuck.” Let’s analyze this for a second. Does that really make any sense? Certainly, lots of people who use escalators are lazy and might even be lazy while using it… but can we really say that if you’ve done this you’re a lazy fuck? Now his point is, that walking down an escalator is less energy intensive. Walking up requires you to spend energy, walking down it doesn’t. Technically that’s not correct, but his general idea is that it’s so little you might as well round it down to nothing. I’m willing to agree with that, but let’s think about this for a second… while you’re thinking read this story I just wrote for you.

Josh Gregman had been with his girlfriend Francine for three years. He loved her with all his heart and so she did him. However, she had gotten a job to move to an entirely different country. They both didn’t believe in the idea of “the one” but they loved spending their life together. However, Francine firmly believed that a long distance relationship wouldn’t work. Ya know what, Josh agreed, but he just got his dream job right in the very town they were living in. What were they going to do? Well Josh was willing to give it up for Francine. He rushed to the airport before she was going to leave, his grandmothers engagement ring in his hand. He found her right after he got up the escalator and professed his love for her. He said he’d stay here, he’d move with her, but she should marry him. Francine however told him she couldn’t take away his dream job. After much tears, begging, Francine pulled away from him and drifted off into the crowd. Josh Gregman had lost her forever… so as he turned and got on the escalator he could barely move. He just stood there, thinking on the life he could have had but would never have now…

What a lazy fuck right? Wait, no, that doesn’t really apply. He wasn’t being lazy, he was in shock! This is probably the minority of people using escalators but… it probably isn’t an impossibility. Let’s use more realistic examples. What if I have terrible knees and going down stairs and slopes hurts them? I know someone who has this difficulty. What if you’re exhausted from running around all day looking for your lost child and finally found it (Or didn’t) and just didn’t have the energy at that moment to walk down the escalator, needed to take a moment to breath. WHAT IF you just wanted to relax? Take the day slow? NOT hurry to the next point in life? If you’re AT ALL creative you can come up with millions of COMPLETELY VALID stories why someone might not be walking down the escalator. I mean seriously, you need just enough creativity to come up with at least ONE other explanation other than “Lazy fuck.”

I want to take this beyond this example though. I see it all the time in everyday life. Someone cuts you off in traffic, or on the sidewalk. Someone doesn’t say bless you. Maybe someone just mumbles out a hi rather than being excited to you. Maybe there are explanations you don’t see behind these actions you instantly deem negative. Certainly there are people being lazy, mean, cruel, insensitive, ignorant, arrogant, condescending…. but maybe sometimes you’re just missing all the details to make a correct assessment.

Either way, that Josh guy is a lazy fuck.




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