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“What I said was…”

Dear Bathroom Stall

My Diary has taken to Australia for the holidays and I have no one left to talk to, so I’m going write on the bathroom stall wall. Don’t tell anyone what I have to say…

So I often listen to, watch a youtube video of, or get into debates. Often times in these debates people use tactics that are either purposefully or on accident that are distracting or dishonest. I could go on and on about all the DIFFERENT types of dishonest tactics to debating, but regardless, let’s focus on this time one I ran into while listening to free talk live. And just quickly, I really like that radio station.

On free talk they either had a guest or one of the hosts who was talking about being a pig farmer. He starts by making the ridiculous claim that if you don’t have it in you to kill an animal you don’t have the right to eat an animal. Right away the other person talking says” that’s ridiculous” and after a little bit of talking the pig farmer than says that what he was saying was that you should just understand where the food is coming from.

But… that’s NOT what he said, is it? What he said was… that you shouldn’t have the right to eat something if you can’t kill the animal yourself. So why did he then pretend he said something else? Well he’s changing what he said. Now, if he were to very politely make note that he’s changing his point that’d be fine. I’ve done it before… said something I didn’t quite mean, get a criticism, then say “Okay then how about this.” Or “Oh, well I misspoke, what I meant to say was this.” But pretending what you said was something else because the conversation has moved forward and it’s hard to track? That’s just dishonest. Maybe you didn’t realize what you said was something different but…. I guess in that case you should choose your words carefully and be humble so you can admit you misspoke. Not that I don’t EVER put my foot in my mouth, but I do less and less.

I suppose this is a minor point, but never the less, it’s one of those things that literally just holds up the exchange of ideas and you should avoid doing it if at all possible.




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