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“Love Knows No Boundaries”

Dear Diary,

Cruising facebook as a way to pretend I’m doing work but just taking a five minute break I saw an interesting article. Regardless of what was in the article I read the comments and the sole comment was “Love knows No Boundaries.” Am I the only one that THINKS about what I say before I say it? I mean I know I say stupid shit but to me there is at least thought behind what I say and I’m totally willing to believe from bystanders that I just said something completely and utterly unjustified and idiotic.

However, there is something increasingly aggravating when I have to read dumb cliches that no one is allowed to question because they have this “Well it’s nice” vibe to it. “Love Knows no Boundaries” is quite a big statement isn’t it? What backs this up? I don’t see anyone falling in love with bacteria or things they’ve never met. Yeah, that’s the simplest and hardest thing to argue down…. isn’t NOT KNOWING something a boundary? Doesn’t that bind us to a state of not loving if we don’t know the person or thing at all. I can’t love a video game five million miles away ten years into the future yet can I? I suppose we could argue about whether or not they’re talking about all time and space but see how this is an interesting discussion we get into? The big difference between talking about it like this and the discussions I will get into if I were to bring a criticism to the table after someone said “Love Knows no Boundaries” is that I would either get ignored or hated on. It wouldn’t be a discussion about my criticism,or at least most of the time it wouldn’t be, it’d be people getting hateful to me for not being loving enough. Sounds like there’s a boundary right there isn’t it? Love knows the boundary of criticism. “If you don’t agree with stupidly simple happy statements that aren’t at all backed up by empirical evidence than you will not get any love from me.” <– Really you’re bound by that? Well then maybe you’re a giant fucking hypocrite.

I get that it’s a sentiment thing. Sometimes I’ll even be like “I like the sentiment, but am skeptical about the truth of the statement” and even then I’ll get screamed at for being a hater.

So, I guess if I state something as true it just becomes true. So McDonalds french fries are healthy. Now off to eat french fries for ten weeks straight.



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